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"Refiners stand to benefit the most from OilMonitor. They can view, analyze and download comprehensive crude oil data for timely modeling and analysis."

Hydrocarbon Processing April 1999


PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) a global consulting firm provides services to the Oil & Gas industry. In 1998, PwC created using Astron International's services. is a crude oil assay and related data exchange site for oil companies and test laboratories worldwide. The site provides centralized access to crude oil assay and refinery feedstock data through a database driven Web application. Astron International worked with PwC to conceptualize the site and to define its data structure, components and multi-level user access security system. Based on this, Astron International designed and developed the crude oil assay Web application that was the foundation of the site.

Crude Oil Assay Data ExchangeSummary
Crude Oil Assay Data Exchange
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