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"In the competitive market of process chemical treatment, getting information to our sales force globally can be the difference between success and not getting the order. Using the web site developed by Astron International, we are able to increase the quantity and quality of information our sales people have access to."
Harold Eggert
Manager, Refinery Technology
GE Water & Process Technologies


In 2006 BASF acquired Engelhard Corporation and operates it as BASF Corporation, Catalysts Division. Founded in 1902 Engelhard Corporation was a Fortune 500 company with 6,000 employees producing annual revenues of more than U.S. $4 Billion. Today, the Catalyst Division's surface and materials science based products and applications stretch across a myriad of industries including aerospace, automotive, chemicals, consumer products, electronics, gas, packaging, plastics, printing, rubber, and textiles. All these diverse customers have overlapping needs -- Web based technical/customer service, product specifications, access to technical data, online order information, product literature and more.

Engelhard needed a digital solution that provided these overlapping customer needs, integrated with its legacy systems and was flexible enough to address the unique needs of the disparate market segments. The objective was to avoid rebuilding services that were common to more than one solution. The expectation was to "drop in" an already built service and have that service interact with other services through a common platform. Each of the digital solutions needed to seamlessly interact with and be accessible from all other solutions and have the same look & feel and navigation design. It was important that their company was presented as a seamlessly integrated enterprise, with a consistent message and brand. Astron International developed a framework and delivered the needed solution, using our expertise in Microsoft's .NET technology.   Aurora Film

Based on this framework Astron International has delivered multiple strategic line-of-business applications to BASF.

Refinery Technical Service Site
Collaborative Product Development Site
 Case Studies
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Technical Support ServiceTM- for Refining Industry
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