Founded by experienced chemical engineers over 25 years ago, Astron international offers a unique blend of refining industry domain knowledge, business process expertise, and proven digital application skills involving technical data, technical applications, and natural language processing.

Astron International provides the following digitalization technologies and services: (a) strategic technical service applications for efficient analysis of operating data for valuable insights, (b) AstronAI applications that combine data science with process knowledge to deliver data analytics applications, and a natural language processing platform based on text analytics to unearth expertise and data buried in volumes of in-house proprietary documents and other unstructured data, and (c) MATLAB model and application development for deployment as standalone solutions or integration with external applications.

Astron International is also the founder of Refining Online®, a leading Web portal serving the refining industry for over 20 years and provides refining consulting services.

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To provide high quality cost-effective software development services to its customers, Astron International owns this programming services company in India. In addition to offering low cost services this also allows us to provide continuous development around the clock.
Astron International has teamed up with technology leader, Microsoft, to provide cutting edge Web based solutions. As a Microsoft Certified Partner, we provide proven, robust, and sophisticated solutions as well as assurances that the products will function effectively with Microsoft operating systems and server applications. With the assistance of Microsoft, we were the first in the Gulf coast region to develop a fully functioning e-business Web site using the .NET framework.

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