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"Refiners stand to benefit the most from OilMonitor. They can view, analyze and download comprehensive crude oil data for timely modeling and analysis."

Hydrocarbon Processing April 1999


Leading organizations have chosen Astron International for its digital business Web application development and integration solutions, including:
Astron International is a strategic FCC data analysis service provider and application developer for BASF. Astron International has delivered many strategic applications for technical/customer service, manufacturing process, order information, forecasting, product marketing, and more.

Refinery Technical Service Site

Criterion Catalysts & Technologies LP
Astron International delivered a strategic Web based technical service solution for Criterion's hydroprocessing business.

Hart Energy
Astron International delivered interactive Web applications for International Fuel Quality Center (IFQC) and Global Biofuels Center (GBC).

Astron International provided strategic technical software solutions for pressure relief systems management services.

A technical data analysis application for the oil refining industry.

Intranet for the hydrocarbon process group of BetzDearborn, now part of Suez, which provides industrial water treatment technologies.

Knowledge Base IntranetSummary

PwC, a crude oil assay data exchange Web site for oil companies worldwide.

Crude Oil Assay Data ExchangeSummary

Amine Best Practices Group
Amine Best Practices Group is a team of engineers who provide consulting services to the Oil & Gas industry. Astron International developed an interactive knowledge base on the Web for this best practices group in the oil refining industry. The group includes EXXON, Shell, BP, Petro Canada, Conoco...

Online Q&A for Amine Best Practices GroupSummary
A leading Web portal for the oil refining industry owned and managed by Astron International.

Refining Online Portal
  A leading Web portal for the oil refining industry. Owned and managed by Astron International.

Encompass Services Corporation
Encompass Services Corporation was a Fortune 500 conglomerate whose services included electrical, mechanical, energy and cleaning solutions throughout the country.

Encompass Collaborative Business IntranetSummary

Global 100 Oil & Gas Company
Astron International developed an employee productivity intranet with a Web based content management system for editing, approving and previewing content before publishing.

PetroChem Toolkit
A multi featured process calculations software tool to estimate liquid petroleum properties and perform engineering calculations.

Refinery Technical Service Site
 Case Studies
Refinery Technical Service Site
Delfin and Sia: AI and NLP based cognitive applications from Astron International
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