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"[Refining site] looks great! A vast improvement from a few years ago. I was impressed when I reviewed it for Hydrocarbon Processing magazine and you have greatly improved it since then. Congratulations!"
William R. Crowley
Competitive Analysis Technologies

Refining Online (,  owned and managed by Astron International, is a leading Web portal for the oil refining industry since 1995. It is a well subscribed, high-traffic site with thousands of users worldwide.

The site features a very active and valuable Q&A forum, online training, directory of links to industry sites, events calendar, FCC knowledge base, Amine Best Practices knowledge base, market data, free software and more.

The online Q&A forum is the most popular feature of Refining Online with over 5000 technical and operations questions and answers from industry professionals worldwide.

Refining Online Portal
  A leading Web portal for the oil refining industry. Owned and managed by Astron International.
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Refinery Technical Service Site
Delfin and Sia: AI and NLP based cognitive applications from Astron International
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