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"[Refining site] looks great! A vast improvement from a few years ago. I was impressed when I reviewed it for Hydrocarbon Processing magazine and you have greatly improved it since then. Congratulations!"
William R. Crowley
Competitive Analysis Technologies


The founders Atulya Saraf and Rajul Rastogi conceived the idea of developing time saving software tools for the refining industry as a result of their backgrounds and experience in Chemical Engineering. One of the first solutions developed was Windows based 'PetroChem Toolkit', a software package available and in use today licensed by many Fortune 500 users; for example, Exxon Mobil, ConocoPhillips, BASF and more.

With the commercialization of the Internet, in 1995 Astron International shifted its orientation from Windows based to Internet Web applications and developed GE Betz's (formerly BetzDearborn) secure Intranet site. Astron International also received critical acclaim for the development of Refining Online, a leading refining portal. Under Atulya and Rajul's leadership, Astron International added many highly tenured professional individuals who were equally dedicated to present the most authoritative contribution to the industry and to evolutionary communications. We are pleased to have on staff accomplished, published authors and thought leaders who serve our customers.

Today Astron International uses XML and .NET technology from Microsoft to build technical/customer service, business productivity and other sophisticated Web applications that integrate with legacy/ERP systems.
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 Case Studies
BASF Refinery Profile - A Digital Business Case Study
Astron International co-authors NPRA paper with BASF
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