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"Refiners stand to benefit the most from OilMonitor. They can view, analyze and download comprehensive crude oil data for timely modeling and analysis."

Hydrocarbon Processing April 1999

Technical Support ServiceTM for Refining Industry

Technical service typically requires the analysis of complex operating data. Operating units generate an overwhelming amount of data and there are limited human resources to analyze the information generated. More often, data analyses are only conducted in response to operating problems and ongoing optimization opportunities are lost resulting in loss of revenue. Astron International has developed a Technical Support ServiceTM to assist refiners and their suppliers in capturing these lost opportunities by providing rigorous analysis of operating data on a routine basis. Outsourcing well defined time consuming tasks to Astron International would provide significant cost savings and let your technical service personnel focus on providing process engineering services.

The Technical Support Service is being offered for FCC units. The major benefits of the Technical Support Service for FCC units are as follows:

  • Reduce technical service costs
  • Improve operating bottom line
  • Identify unit performance problems early

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Refinery Technical Service Site
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Refinery Technical Service Site
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