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"Our company is geographically dispersed, and the VHQ intranet is a key communications tool to keep our 200+ offices tuned in and up to speed on current initiatives. What I like best about it though, is that I don't have to rely on our IT department to make changes or modifications. We built it so that I'm completely self-sufficient - if I need to upload a new story, announce a new project or even change an address - I can do it myself in just a few seconds."
Mary Wiggins
Manager, Corporate Communications
Encompass Services

Astron International Launches Refinery Productivity Center TM

Significant inefficiencies arise from either not adhering to or not practicing accepted best practices in operations. In many cases, these involve repetitive procedures that lend themselves to standardization and even automation. A large amount of losses from reliability issues result from a few incidents that were the outcome of known procedures not being followed. Elimination of human error has a huge potential to improving the bottom line.

The Refinery Productivity Center™ (RPC) is a Web based knowledge management application from Astron International to organize valuable knowledge and best practices to improve time and cost efficiencies of daily operations. Astron International, Inc., the founder of Refining Online® ( developed RPC using a unique blend of refining domain knowledge, business process intelligence, and proven application development skills. RPC is a valuable knowledge management tool for refining companies, suppliers, and services companies in the refining industry.

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