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Delfin and Sia: AI and NLP based cognitive applications from Astron International

Astron International has built and launched an AI-based cognitive application platform called Delfin to harness their customers’ unstructured data.  The Delfin infrastructure supports and delivers a customized virtual advisor called Sia which mines in-house intelligence and expertise that reside in reports, papers, and other forms of textual information. 

Delfin is a novel and efficient platform for consuming and understanding text using Artificial Intelligence (AI).  In our proprietary systems, we apply text mining, processing, and analytics pipelines to intelligently gather and join connected data points automatically. Delfin employs the latest developments in cognitive applications and natural language processing (NLP).

Sia, derived from Smart Intelligent Advisor, is a virtual advisor.  The best way to understand virtual advisors is to draw a parallel with Siri, Apple iPhone’s intelligent personal assistant and knowledge navigator, that uses a natural language interface to answer questions.  Similarly, Sia lets you interact with your company’s unstructured data stored in documents as easily as you would with a human expert and unearth the answer you seek. 

Once created by Delfin for your unstructured data, Sia knows your company’s domain, its proprietary information, learns over time, and understands questions and provides answers in natural language. 

Delfin and Sia are trademarks of Astron International, Inc.

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