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"[Refining site] looks great! A vast improvement from a few years ago. I was impressed when I reviewed it for Hydrocarbon Processing magazine and you have greatly improved it since then. Congratulations!"
William R. Crowley
Competitive Analysis Technologies


Our solutions consist of a number of vital digital business elements identified by industry experience. Solutions can be developed for an enterprise-wide implementation or focused on a particular business process.
 Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning Solutions
Data curation, mining, processing, feature extraction, and analytics
Unsupervised learning, transfer learning, and semi-supervised learning
Intelligent AI/Machine Learning based enterprise applications

 Technical Service Solutions
Cloud based offering for petroleum refining and petrochemical industry
Data import, validation, cleanup services
Data analytics – integration with kinetic and statistical models
Technical service report generation

 Custom Enterprise Software Solutions – Web/Mobile
Customer self-service applications
Business process automation
Benchmarking/competitive analysis
Product configurators

Encompass Collaborative Business Intranet
 Case Studies
FCC Operations Benchmarking: A Valuable Tool for Identifying Opportunities for Improved Profitability
Benchmarking FCC Operations - article in PTQ
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