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"Astron International created for us an independent environment on the Web where members can participate in a Q&A forum, and exchange ideas. We are able to manage and maintain the site by ourselves and that's what makes it great!"
Duke Tunnell
Amine Best Practices Group

Application Development

At Astron International, our solutions focus on streamlining business processes, increasing efficiency and decreasing costs through the development of many types of applications to serve your customers or provide enterprise wide solutions. Applications such as:
Customer/Technical Service 
Enterprise Content Mgmt.
Digital Commerce
Supply Chain Mgmt.
Business Intelligence
At Astron International, our development services begin with an Analysis and Design phase and ends with Deployment with many intervals in between. We feel that a project divided into phases is key to success.

In addition, Astron International owns a programming company in India (Avinex) to provide cost effective programming services to our clients.
Refinery Technical Service Site
Knowledge Base IntranetSummary
Crude Oil Assay Data ExchangeSummary
Online Q&A for Amine Best Practices GroupSummary
Refining Online Portal
  A leading Web portal for the oil refining industry. Owned and managed by Astron International.
Encompass Collaborative Business IntranetSummary
Online Q&A for Amine Best Practices Group
 Case Studies
Refinery Technical Service Site
Delfin and Sia: AI and NLP based cognitive applications from Astron International
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